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Sales, Parts and Service

Air Tab 800-465-8277
Alline Truck Sales 800.272.9427
Big Truck Hoods 877-839-0159
Dave Syverson Truck Center 855-289                                    
Direct Equipment Supply 800-992-1478
DM Bowman Inc 877.269.6261
ETIP Inc 800.530.5064
Fort Wayne Auto Truck Auction 888.748.2332
GM Trailers Inc 800-264-0179
Lakeshore Equipment 219-880-5635
Lincoln Crome 888.966.6609
Midwest Cleaning Technology
Radiator Supply House 866-920-2220
Ruble Truck Sales 260-623-6187
Southeastern Equipment Co, Inc 706.798.7500
Stewart Wholesale Co Inc
Summit Truck Group, Kansas City 800.279.8500
Thumb Truck & Trailer Co. 800-852-4925
US Auctions 800-992-2893

Recruiting  - Drivers & Owner Operators
American Truckers Legal 800.525.HAUL
Carroll Fulmer Logistics Corp 888.468.9400
Cardinal Wireless Inc 317-577-9944
Financial Integrity Group 877.233.9014
ihle Transport Inc 800.373.2360
J.K. Hackl Transportation 800.669.2625
Kane Transport Inc 877.714.5263 ext 5243
McFarland Truck Lines, Inc. 800-643-6042
Miller Truck Line 800-364-5874 x203
Parkway Transport Inc 800.765.3952
PI&I Productivity Innovation Integrity
Schuster Company 800.831.4832
TBS Factoring Service 800.207.7661
Truckers Solution 855.241.4177
Wiseway 800.876.1660 ext 177